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Planning the company holiday party

Friday, July 27th, 2012

When do you start planning the holiday/Christmas party? How important is planning? Think aboutthe project you and your team are working on…did that get accomplished in 1 day, most often it took planning, time, and research. Parties are the same…what location are you considering? What date is the office party? What will you have for entertainment? Are families included at the holiday office party?

Location is important because you have to factor into your choices where are the majority of your co-workers driving from? Does the company want to hold it at a restaurant? A hotel so employees have the option of staying overnight if they choose to. Perhaps, it is on site like an after work hours party. Mercury Computer Systems in Massachusetts holds their Santa party for employee’s families after hours on a weeknight. I had the pleasure of enhancing the fun factor for kids of all ages.
Next and perhaps even more important is the date…so the majority of employees can join in the fun. And if going off site finding a facility that fits into your needs, theme, will take some advanced planning to make sure the date you are hoping for is available. And entertainers definitely come under that thought process too. If you want a particular entertainer (band, comedian, or magician) you need to reserve their services early in the year so you can have top notch entertainment to enhance the party and festivities!
A rule of thumb is if your party is on a Friday or Saturday night and you want high quality entertainment you should be booking your entertainment by end of summer or sooner to make sure you are getting your 1st choice for a band, cocktail/social hour magician, etc… otherwise you truly run the risk of getting a 3rd or 4th choice which might not leave the impression you are really aiming to achieve.
Is planning important for your holiday party? For more info, ideas to increase the fun level of your company holiday party in 2012…call Abracadabra Productions at 1-800-964-8749.


Project Graduations- Entertainment that’s interactive!

Tuesday, May 15th, 2012

How do you know what kinds of activities and entertainment to choose for the seniors at their high school chem free party? A mixture of both is often a great solution.
Some activities that allow the graduates to interact with each other thru games, inflatables, etc… and entertainers. You want to have some professional
entertainers so the kids can kick back and enjoy the fun (it’s a long night.)
Make sure the entertainers you are considering have videos of them with the seniors; and then compare those with others w/ videos and go with the best reactions and skill/entertainment value!
Shows that are interactive are best…like a hypnotist or magician. However, with my 20 plus years of dazzling seniors at their project graduations the Strolling Miracles (roaming style) is the best fit! It’s extemely interactive, allows students to come and go as long as they want to participate! I move to groups of seniors waiting in lines (for massage, tarot readings, and food) and dazzle them until time flyes while they are having fun!!
For project graduations still looking for ideas for 2012 call me at 1-800-964-8749.


Elementary schools making them ‘social’.

Monday, September 5th, 2011

When I say making elementary schools social I’m not taking about face book and twitter:) I’m talking about making it fun and less scary for the newer kids.
Some exciting ideas that PTO/PTA’s can do are ice cream socials that first month. It’s a great chance for the kids and parents to meet their child’s new teacher, allow the students to interact with more than just their classmates.
And who doesn’t like to make ice cream disappear?! And you don’t have to be a magician to make the ice cream cones disappear:)

But having an exciting addition like an entertainer; a magician for example could stroll/roam through out the event helping to break the ice in a very fun way! Up-close illusions allow the magician to interact on a personal level with kindergardeners thru fifth graders. Coins plucked from behind their ears to objects appearing in their hands!

Other creative ideas are having a fall festival. Pick a night in Oct. and invite the students, parents, and teachers to enjoy food, fun, and perhaps a magic show.

For more creative ideas on how to make your school more fun and social call Phil Smith of Abracadabra Productions at 1-800-964-8749.


Company Holiday parties – It’s a gift

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

Is it to early to start talking about Christmas and holiday parties? Not if you are in the line of business that caters to company events.
1st on the agenda is locate the facility your company will be holding the party; in-office, banquet hall at a hotel, etc


Getting the most for your event!

Monday, July 25th, 2011

How do you get the biggest bang (entertainment) for your buck?
Two effective ways is to block book with other events, facilities, fairs so that the entertainer can offer you better pricing due to several events in same location around the same date(s)!
The second way is to ask for package deals; i.e. more hours= better savings; for variety entertainers like magicians, jugglers, maybe a combo of a roaming style and a show or several of both.
Perhaps the artist/entertainer can offer a performance and then a workshop on magic, juggling, improv, etc… some entertainers might be willing to add on a workshop to get the performance aspect. So the event/client gets an added bonus for less money or perhaps even for free.
Call Abracadabra Productions for creative ways to save and get much more for your event’s dollars!


Company BBQ’s making them fun!

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

How to plan the best summer party

The sun is out, the grill is lit, and now you want to thank your hard working staff, perhaps clients for their business.

1st rule to party 101- have a back up plan. That might be an indoor location if it rains or a rain date. But planning that in advance and lets staff or clients know those back up plans are key.

Pick up a good grill book, ask around the office who is good on the grill and pick the best one that is willing to put a hour or two in. Make the good alittle more exciting by offering an exotic recipe, or some unusual toppings.

Is there a theme? A company’s anniversary or an annual company BBQ, picnic, lobster bake…make it fun.

Add some door prizes, fun entertainment (which an illusionist would be a great addition to your back up plan…rain or shine!)

Pick a date and start the grill…I look forward to seeing many of you this summer:)


Project Graduations- a night of magic

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

High School ‘Project Graduations’ are (chem free nights) for seniors that just graduated. They are excited, full of energy, and New England schools are giving them a place to celebrate safely!!

Finding fun venues include: tennis clubs, YMCA’s, & college universities (which often include pools, gyms, and physical activities).
More unique ideas include bowling areanas, cruises, comedy clubs, etc…

Often, the entertainment includes a hypnotist/comedian and a magician …in several schools all three entertainers. Live entertainment gives the students a chance to be a part of a professional show; entertainers that have spent years and even life times creating fun programs that your typical seniors haven’t seen!

At wee hours of the night the graduates need excitement to pick up their energy level, add excitement, and create a memorable experience! Strolling Miracles (roaming magic) allows me to personally connect with students in a unique way. The magic is interactive, engages them as an active participant, and it happens in their hands!!!

In 2012 plan exciting interactive entertainers like Abracadabra Productions will provide!


Graduation parties-making them magical

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

Wow, you’re son or daughter is graduating. You want to celebrate and make it fun. How do you make it fun? You hire, master magician, Phil Smith to increase the FUN FACTOR!

TIps to relax and enjoy your son or daughter’s big day:
Hire a caterer…be a guest at your own party, not running around serving everyone. Or keep it simple w/ BBQ. Maybe one of your friends or relatives can serve the beverages, to take one of the jobs away so you can enjoy the party.

Put some music on to create a festive mood. Keep it simple again, either hire a DJ or pre-record a mix of music for all ages.

Last, make it fun, exciting, and uniqe by adding sleight-of-hand, mind reading, and comedy while I mingle with your son/daughter and all their guests!


Open Houses- making them interesting!

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

Why do you want to do a Open House? Is it to show off some new construction/renevation to your clients or employees? Perhaps both, letting employees feel pride in a new well built building, and to show the operations of how things are done for your customers.
How do you get clients and employees to attend? Some food is a good start:) Maybe a theme that relates somehow to your business; i.e. if your an accounting firm perhaps canapes that are green, or in the shape of money.
Will your company’s Open House be for adults only or will families be invited? Either way entertainment would be a great addition to liven up the festivities and give them a reason to stay more than 15 minutes.
A magician producing money or a crystal ball and a phychic palm reader would create a fun atmosphere ‘on seeing into the company’s future.’ Perhaps 3 or 4 stations of entertainers depending on how large your audience is. I’ve ‘wowed’ small open houses for Bagel shops which had maybe 50 people to a Post Office Distribution center in Scarborough, Maine with 500 people attending…so make it interesting and make it fun to get your customers and employees to come out to it!


“The gift of Magic”- young kids in magic!

Thursday, April 14th, 2011

Most magicians got started with a magic kit when they were young. I was no different, I was 10 years old when I recevied mine for a Christmas present. I fell in love with dad and I would work on the details together and then I’d practice. After I had several rehearsed I would put on a neighborhood magic show.

I wish I had had access to a professional magician who could have given me insight at that young age. Having an expert to tweek and improve upon what I was working on would have been an amazing experience.

I decided 8 years ago with a good magic friend, Bernard Blais to give other young kids that opportunity with a real pro…for a whole week of lessons, insight, getting their creative juices moving around in their noodles. Now in our 8th year children love our magic camp…called Wizard’s Workshop! I hope to see your children there this summer!!